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While the Xbox 360 console is primarily designed to play games just like other video game consoles, it can be used as a media player too.Similar to the Play Station 3 from Sony, Xbox 360 has media center capabilities built in, so it is relatively easy to set up.There were premium themes available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace apart from the default styles.Originally there were five tabs or sections known as the "blades" for the Xbox 360 menu, namely the Marketplace, Xbox live, Games, Media and System.When a firmware update is available, a yellow dot appears on top of the Settings menu icon in the upper left of the My Content screen: Settings menu. There’s a yellow dot next to the Hardware Update menu. The ION360 U app has a feature that updates the camera firmware and case firmware.The app notifies the user when an update is available and the user needs to start the update process. The "Camera not connected" message will appear when the camera is restarting and the camera power light will turn off. If there is only one firmware update, a completion screen will appear with "Update installed!

In 2008 however, when the gaming scene changed dramatically because of the competitions with the Play Station 3 and the Wii, a new Xbox Dashboard titled the New Xbox Experience (NXE) was launched, which features major changes in both the user interface and other functionalities.

Microsoft has also provided the ability to download system software updates from their respective official Xbox website to their PCs and then storage media, from which the update can be installed to the system.

The Xbox 360 game system allows users to download applications that add to the functionality of the dashboard.

To start the firmware update process, select Hardware Update Select "Download update" and the firmware will start downloading to the phone.

The Xbox 360 system software or the Xbox 360 Dashboard is the updateable software and operating system for the Xbox 360.

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