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Wearing a black shirt Alexandr strikes out but his first punch is defended and he is slapped in the face.

The no-touch master struggles to hide a smile after his successful move.

But when Alex got a slap to the face from the energy master he decided to teach him a lesson.

She has not played since that victory, citing a knee injury.

The photo was quickly deleted but her representative later confirmed the pregnancy.

And US Open Tennis responded: "Serena Williams will have a new pride and joy to hug and call her own soon! " The couple announced they were engaged in December last year, after dating for 15 months.

If anything I just try to keep in mind that I'm an entertainer and not a politician or Miss America.""I think that transgender athletes should be approved on a case-by-case basis and have a doctor judge whether there is a physical advantage or not.

Because there is a big difference between gender reassignment pre and post puberty, at least based on the research I have done.""[I don't] because the shorter my fights are, the more fights I can have.

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1 ranking in 2002 and has held that spot for more than six years in total during her career.

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