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If you're still having trouble, please contact us and let us know a specific event name, date and time that isn't syncing into Acuity Scheduling or your Outlook calendar.

If it contains mail, calendar and contacts, moving to a shared account may work best.

Moving Calendar Items to a Resource or Shared Account Calendar - Option 1 NOTE: This option is recommend if the calendar items do not have attendees and are not part of a series.

The attendees and series information will be broken during this process.

Unfortunately Outlook for Mac does not support internet calendar subscriptions, and our 1-way subscription will not work.

If you were using our 1-way Subscription before connecting the 2-way sync, you will continue to see appointments from the 1-way Subscription until you remove it.

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Before moving public folder items, you may wish to review the contents of the public folders.

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