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The process is similar to that of a planning application in that a form must be completed and accompanied by drawings and a fee.

If the Planning Authority is satisfied that the proposal is lawful then a Certificate of Lawfulness is issued.

If you communicate with us by email then our response will also be via email.

Flooding has affected properties and businesses across Aberdeenshire and the planning team has issued advice for people who need to make repairs or alterations alongside a commitment to deal with related planning applications faster.

Your comment will be acknowledged and will be considered during the processing of the application.Assessments will be made on the basis of the information submitted and in general no site visits will be undertaken.The advice given is therefore an informal opinion only.An application for a Certificate of Lawfulness should be made to establish conclusively that a proposal is lawful and does not require planning permission, and/or if the proposal is implemented, it will not run the risk of future enforcement action being taken.It is a decision by the Planning Authority that has legal status providing certainty to householders and future purchasers of the property that works carried out are lawful.

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If submitting your application online the portal will assist you with the calculation of your fee and payment can be made online at time of submission. Please note that certain types of development may require an additional fee where it is necessary to advertise the application in the local press, should this be the case for your application you will be notified once we have accessed your application for validity.

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