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boyfriends and girlfriends that indulge sexual desires without actually having intercourse)I think that this song is about a man who on the outside was a person who people thought was pretending to be a good person when in reality he was a good person(he doesn't look a bit like Jesus but more than you'll ever know)i love these guys so much- they can do no wrong in my eyes, and when they closed their Hard Rock Calling show with this i was just brimming with emotion.

they have amazing stage prescence about them, and Rachel, from South Point- how could you say that?!

I think that Keith of Boston really strikes the truth when it comes to any work of art whether that be music, literature, films, painting, etc,.

He says, "SO, what is the meaning of When you were young?

Brandon Flowers is amazing, and one of the best ever songwriters of all time- think before you type!

To me this song is definitely about a girl who is very devout and expects to meet this 'saviour' of a man, like Jesus - pure / trustworthy / honest / will love her unconditionally / of strong character - but he does not come along - apparently a lot of latin girls grow up looking to Jesus as their hero, rather others look towards the fairy tale prince charming type characters.

The devils waters pharagraph is the devil tempting him.

This make sense with the album theme and with the next track about offering survival, again is a pact with the devil. I think it's about a girl who's been having a hard time in life, she's waiting for some man to sweep her off her feet and make everything right.

He cheats on her, as seen in the video, and the "but more than you'll ever know" means she'll never find a good guy.

As she is seen in a church praying implies she is trying to keep the link with her faith and knows she is in a relationship that her parents/priest/God would not approve of - hence she is seen coming back from church and resting her crucifix on the table in the kitchen before going into the bedroom, only to find him with another women anyway. I think lyric about "You play forgiveness, Watch it now, here he comes" implies that he will test her 'christianity' and she will have to really practice forgiveness..ultimately she wants to be with him hence goes back to him.

I do get a bit confused by how it is sung though in the third then first person, and the lingering looks between her and the lead singer towards the end of the video.

Young women are told from childhood that they are looking for a man to "save them" or "rescue them" as if their life will be ruined if they don't marry a perfect guy.

So when they are young they imagine finding someone perfect to marry, somebody like Jesus.

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