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People were fired over bum video game deals that resulted in shelves being crammed with five dollar clearance titles, and no matter how great these new Nintendo games may have looked, no one was about to take that risk again.

Nintendo of America's strength was in recognizing that there was still a market to be claimed.

So instead of waiting for buyers to warm up to the idea, Nintendo risked everything by offering stores an unbelievably sweet deal: rather than being stuck with unsold inventory, Nintendo would buy back any unsold merchandise.

They would even come in and set up the displays and demonstrate the games.

So when it showed off a prototype of what would become the Nintendo Entertainment System at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show that January, buyers scoffed.

The system was huge in its native Japan, where it was known as the Family Computer -- it pushed 2.5 million units in 1984 alone, along with 15 million game cartridges.

titles, although its differences from the later games are significant.

The NES, meanwhile, actually offered something resembling the arcade experience at home, or at least a reasonable facsimile.

In the case of many of Nintendo's own games, the hardware was literally the same as what was powering their arcade counterparts, meaning they were truly arcade-perfect.

The releases are being produced by HAMSTER, which has done sterling work bringing a host of Neo Geo titles to the Switch e Shop.

The main selling points are accurate reproduction, customisation for things like borders and difficulty, and the option to jump into local multiplayer with one Joy-Con each.

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