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Disheartened but not dismayed I decided to carry on with my plans of visiting a gay sauna.

The hotel I had booked was coincidentally within walking distance of Babylon and so after a few days of getting to grips with the city and crossing off all the tourist must-dos I set out to to cross off the gay must-do.

My heart was beating fast and I couldn't help but wonder if all the people in the cars that passed me by knew where I was going and were busy labeling me as just another dodgy sex tourist.

Soon though I disappeared off the main road and into the quiet lanes that led to the sauna.

The white guys that were there were generally of the older dodgy looking variety, which further added to my displeasure.

I wasn't ready to give up yet though and so I spent what was probably an hour or so moving between each of the rooms trying to see what was going on and learn how exactly things work at these sorts of places.

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Back on the circuit though I was starting to feel a bit desperate and really didn't want to leave without having cum even if I did just have to do it by myself.

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