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The first Zaphir catalog was in 1978, and the Zaphir brand ceased existence in the early 1980’s, (which does correspond with the introduction of the first Nao factory stamp, but does not correspond to the official Nao version that Zaphir started in 1975).The Zaphir factory mark was a stamped mark, and was only recorded as a stamped mark.The timing of the first official Nao factory mark does seem to coincide with end of Zaphir porcelain figurines production, so perhaps the process was as Nao says – a renaming of the factory’s production.Also, both the Rosal and Zaphir factories were located in the region around Valencia.It is a back-stamp mark, and the coloration should have been in Nao’s dark brown, but it is a photo from an authenticated Nao piece, and appears to be almost black in color.

It is thought that this design was in use from the mid to late 1980’s, all the way up to when it was designated as official in 1996, and replaced in 2003 with a more streamlined version that dropped the word “Lladro” from the stamp.This occurred in 1967, and the new brand was named Rosal because, according to José Lladró, the brothers did not want to involve the Lladró name into what was sure to be an ugly competitive fight.The brothers were right, it did turn into an ugly and public competitive fight, including a messy law-suit in which Lladró prevailed and ended up buying out the renegade company.In a chapter called “A Providential Conflict,” Lladró describes how, “in the mid-sixties,” two of Lladró’s sculptors and one of its chemists turned renegade and struck out to establish their own competing factory in Chirivella.José Lladró’s account makes it clear the brothers saw these new products as a threat to the dominance of their Lladro brand, and the brothers decided to fight fire with fire, setting up their own rival brand to go head to head with the renegade company (in his book, José Lladró, never names the renegade’s brand name).

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