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Crumb refused to be paid for his work, saying "I don't want Columbia's filthy lucre."Punk's poet laureate has described her iconic look on the cover of "Horses" as "a mix of Baudelaire and Sinatra." Famed photographer Robert Mapplethorpe—Smith's friend and ex—captured the singer's style and attitude, Salvation Army duds and all. Photo: Sire Records Mothers auteur Frank Zappa grabbed the title of his album from a headline he'd seen in a 1950's men's magazine, which he handed over to artist Neon Park, asking, "Can you do worse than this?

Photo: Arista Records Sire Records spent ,000—a third of what it cost to record the album—on a fancy photo shoot, which was then scrapped. " Park, inspired by an electric razor ad, took it from there—to Zappa's delight and his record company's dismay.

It's actually Sally Grossman, the wife of Dylan's manager Albert Grossman.

"Everyone was promoting some kind of message—feminism, expanded consciousness, meditation, revolution, God, drugs, love, the environment.Pepper" cover (seen here with its creator Peter Blake), but that's too obvious.Click through for 50 unforgettable album covers, starting with another Beatles LP—one that inspired more imitations than any other.Though long assumed to be Mick Jagger, the crotch shot—with a working zipper—actually depicts one of several Warhol associates who modeled for the photo."I knew it was me because it was my underwear," said one claimant, Glenn O'Brien, then editor of Interview magazine. Not bad for 20 minutes' work."Photo: Rolling Stones Records The shot of Elvis Presley on the cover of his first album captures the spirit of early rock and roll.

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Though the Beatles had quite a few iconic album covers, the photo gracing "Abbey Road" is one of the most famous and imitated images in rock and roll history (sorry, "Sgt. Depicting the Fab Four crossing Abbey Road in front of EMI Studios, the photo was one of six shots taken while a London bobby held up traffic. "We didn't need to write the band's name on the cover," Apple Records creative director John Kosh said.

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