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And I'll bet your hubby doesn't know a fucking thing about this beauty." Rachel was terribly confused.

She backed away from the boy until her shapely ass hit a big easy chair. The vibrator had been the only thing that had ever brought her to a climax.

"I'll give you this vibrator and a lot fucking more to boot." Rachel had long dark hair and big brown eyes.

Her lips were full and perfect, her cheeks high, her nose long and straight.

Rachel was built so perfectly that she was almost unbelievable.

Add in her long legs and the total package was so sexy it was almost hard to look at.

All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefits of familiar people or situations to guide them.

She tried to keep her mouth shut, but he crushed her lips against her teeth and forced her slowly, surely, into a deep, wet kiss.

" Jack asked, pulling a long, shiny metal vibrator from the drawer and holding it up in front of Rachel.

"You got a special surprise hidden in everything you're selling or you just forget to clean this little treasure out? " Rachel gasped, reaching for the sleek silver vibrator. "That's not for sale and it doesn't belong to you! " Rachel glanced about the yard nervously, but thankfully no one else was around.

HUNG, STRUNG HOUSEWIFE by Blake Garfield FOREWORD Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations?

The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands; the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors; all must act without past experience to guide them.

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Her husband was the only man she had ever fucked, and he had never been able to make her cum.

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