Are ellen pompeo and patrick dempsey dating

If the explosive trailer put you in the mood for more from the war film genre, here are five (technically six) of our favorites that are available to stream or rent.

These two sibling films directed by Clint Eastwood, which both debuted in 2006, are some of the most surprising pieces of filmmaking from the director.

If you haven't quite gotten around to watching yet, now's your perfect chance.

If you like your TV with an extra dash of sweetness: 'This Is Us.' The time-jumping NBC drama about a complicated family may be a bit too saccharine for some but might hit the happy-cry sweet spot for others.

Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Guy Pearce give excellent performances, but the tension and thrill of this movie come from Bigelow's taut direction, especially in the bomb disarming scenes. This 1963 film, though tragic, manages to find humor in the plight of its protagonists, Allied soldiers trying to escape from a Nazi prison camp in World War II.

Starring Hollywood legends like Steve Mc Queen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough, the film is both heartbreaking and full of heart, as this motley crew attempts to pull off its titular feat. The best war movies go deeper than the explosions, tragedy and camaraderie.

If you want to stir the pot a little bit: 'Catastrophe.' The show, which was created by and stars comedians Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, follows a mature pair that accidentally gets pregnant during a vacation fling and decides to give commitment a try.

It's one of the most realistic portraits of a couple working hard to stay together, and it's downright hilarious.

Markle is best known for the USA show, which follows a con artist posing as a lawyer at a top NYC firm.If you need something to watch with your mom: 'When Harry Met Sally.' The classic rom-com will please everyone.Well, except when you all get kind of uncomfortable in the "I'll have what she's having" scene.If you want something light and lovely: 'Lovesick.' The British romantic sitcom is a delightful portrait of a man and his romantic relationships.After he discovers he has an STD and has to contact his former partners, his life (and crush on his best friend) is told in flashbacks.

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If you need something to watch with your dad: 'Top Gun.' Finding something that everyone will agree to watch can be tough, but your family can probably all agree on hanging out with Maverick.

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