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Believe me, looking at apps in ten years, you'll be like, "What the hell were we thinking?

Like, it was still very taboo at the time, people didn't want to say that they were dating online.

On a recent episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Recode’s Kara Swisher and The Verge’s Lauren Goode discussed what happens to Yahoo now that it’s set to be scooped by by Verizon. I've been covering Yahoo since it went public in the ‘90s.

You can read some of the highlights from their discussion at that link, or listen to it in the audio player above.

Not the beginning of a new one, but it's the end an era, yes. Yahoo was a big deal way before Google was founded. And in fact, I have a really good story about that. We only got one question from a millennial who said, "what is Yahoo? At what point did Yahoo become this place where people went for email, hot jobs, classifieds, when it became the portal? I remember the party that they threw when they bought the search product. At one point, Yahoo had a news TV show where everybody was dressed in Gap clothes.

No, actually, a lot of their market cap is made up of assets of Alibaba in China and Yahoo Japan, they own a large stake in that.

Some of the real estate went with AOL and Verizon, and some of it stayed in this other company, they're calling it newco or invesco, and they have things like shares in Snapchat, she made some investments in Snapchat and some other companies. Yahoo had .7 billion in cash, also, which also adds to the market cap, and it all goes in a separate company that's going to be a separate company not called Yahoo, and then they'll eventually sell off, distribute the cash and do different things. The advertising business, some patents that have related to the business, and some real estate where Yahoo is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

It's not a paradigm we use now, but at the time it was really smart. Now, when you say something like, "it's personalized! " It's like my Twitter handle, or my Snapchat avatar. You could put your weather, you could put your news, it was a pick-and-choose lego-block-like thing.

It was very sticky, it kept people on Yahoo, you could make your page just the way you wanted.

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