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Having seen multiple comeback attempts fall flat due to a number of reasons that included a positive test for cocaine and retirement, Fury has now announced his desire to return to the ring and called on Ukad to let him “clear my name”.

Ukad have hit back at Fury by confirming what has caused the delay in proceedings, and they labelled his outburst “inaccurate”.

The AAM scored its first major victory when South Africa was forced to leave the Commonwealth in 1961.

The anti-gay sentiment was seen Sunday in Voronezh, a city south of Moscow, where a handful of gay activists protesting against the parliament bill were attacked by a much larger group of anti-gay activists who hit them with snowballs.

In a gay rights protest in December, Pavel Samburov, founder of gay-rights group the Rainbow Association, was pelted with eggs by militant activists with the Orthodox Church seconds after he and his boyfriend kissed.

“In response to public comments made by Mr Tyson Fury, UK Anti-Doping wishes to clarify the status of the charges it issued against him and Mr Hughie Fury on 24 June 2016.

“The proceedings to determine the charges against the athletes are taking place before the National Anti-Doping Panel [NADP], which is responsible for adjudicating anti-doping disputes in UK sport.

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