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She thought she had someone, but it turned out he was not ready for marriage, and so she's all by herself. She comes to church every Sunday, but you can't even raise the subject of marriage; she waves her hand and goes on. So how did I avoid bitterness and frustration during my single years?

To add insult to injury, her stepsister-in-law is getting married, and Patricia is the wedding coordinator. She has now moved back in with her parents after having been on her own. I've seen this vibrant and growing young woman become emotionally atrophied. I did not turn on my blues albums or eat pints of ice cream to ease my pain. And, most important, I allowed God to mold me into a woman with the right attitudes.

She was part of a group of about six or seven women who ran together in their early twenties.

They knew each other from college or met through various social situations and became close friends. They would go out together to dinners and parties, and they had a wonderful social life.

I've read many books on dating by spiritual authors, but this is by far the best book ever to be written on dating. I believe that if do what it says to do without a question or a doubt, you will meet that special someone God destined for you. If you follow the advice and example of the author you will find marriage a desirable and an attainable goal.

I have seen some women become mean in their waiting, growing bitter with God and with everyone else around them.They become angry and hopeless, and some lose their faith.For example, there's a young woman I'll call Patricia who has been in the weddings of all her close friends.) she takes it further and talks about your attitude, expectations, and walk with Christ. This book will change the way you look at dating, trust-waiting and yourself and give you a clear, simple and sound understanding of why all three are significant steps in the process to ultimately meeting your one true husband for life.When she talks about a behavior or attitude that is wrong she is not condemming but has an attitude of care. This book is worth it and your brief season of waiting will be worth it too.

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